Seniors Serving Seniors
Of British Columbia

Seniors Serving Seniors Association began as a result of a meeting of seniors’ agency representatives brought together on the invitation of Gretchen Brewin, then Alderwoman, City of Victoria, to discuss the needs of senior citizens in the Victoria area. The discussion indicated that information services, seniors housing, advice bureau and coordination of services were not being met. This meeting resulted in a small committee being struck to plan for community conferences.

A conference was held at the end of March, 1981, under the auspices of new Horizons and the Extension Department of the University of Victoria. Approximately 150 seniors attended. This conference concluded with the wholehearted support of a new organization for seniors. A week later an organizational meeting was held, an interim board comprised of seniors from the group was nominated and, a president was chosen. This was the beginning of what is now known as Seniors Serving Seniors Association.

Seniors Serving Seniors Association of BC was incorporated under the BC Society Act in July, 1981 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose purpose is to promote the well-being of senior citizens by:

  • Collecting, researching and disseminating information pertinent to senior citizens
  • Assisting in developing programs for senior citizens and the community at large
  • Coordinating a network of senior citizens organizations serving senior citizens
  • Representing the interests and concerns of senior citizens

Our programs and services are offered free of charge and run almost solely by volunteers who promote and encourage independence and support the well being of seniors.

Our Vision

Seniors’ quality of life and independence are enhanced as a direct result of the caring, supportive connections created between their needs and the resources offered by the community.

Our Mission

Seniors Serving Seniors is a registered non-profit charitable society in British Columbia that supports the well-being of seniors. We are the premier organization in connecting the information needs of seniors with relevant resources and programs.

Seniors Serving Seniors is a responsive, accessible, flexible, and transparent organization.

Our Values


We respect the right of seniors to make their own choices and decisions.


We care and commit to providing quality service through continuous training and evaluation.


We demonstrate integrity by acting in an honest and ethical manner.


We respect the dignity and diversity of every client and each other.


We practice accountability by measuring our achievements and reporting our results.

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