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Board Member Gwen Gaddes talking about a special client case

Board Member Gwen Gaddes talking on CBC Radio (Jan 11, 2021)

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Seniors Serving Seniors Return to Health program volunteer Alexandra

RTH Client Story – August 2022

Client R.M.s referral came through a month prior to her knee replacement surgery. Our West Shore volunteer N. assisted her for tasks such as a trip to the Wescan Medical Equipment Loan program in Langford. They were able go together to have a fitting (measurement of walker etc.) and pick up equipment prior to the surgery.  When out for the equipment pick up, a trip to Walmart was made to buy clothing to fit over surgical sites for ease of dressing post surgery.  We discussed  food options post surgery and gave information on how to get in touch with Better Meals delivery prior.  Several touch base calls were made and a wishing you well call the night before with the coordinator and a check in call post surgery was made. Volunteer N drove on the day of surgery into the hospital to arrive for a 6:00 am surgical check in time.

R.M. has expressed how very grateful she is for all that we have done through the Return to Health Program to make this as smooth as possible in a challenging pre and post operative experience as she has no family supports here in Victoria.  Client is set up and using with handyDart for her trips to Rebalance MD® for PT.  We remained on call should she have needed us for errands etc. for the 12-week duration of our transition program. 

RTH Client Comments – Summer 2022

  • Thank you so very much for all your help and taking the time and having the patience to help me care for my father. Please know you are both most appreciated! Daughter, Vancouver, BC – June 2022
  • I have so appreciated your service and each volunteer has been so helpful and outstanding. Client – July 2022
  • I really appreciate the Seniors Serving Seniors organization for supporting this essential care. Client – August 2022
  • I am also amazed by the volunteers and how they carry on through such challenging times, it’s amazing to see. Island Health clinician – June 2022

Client Bill (name changed) spent two months in hospital with a heart block, weakness and received a new pacemaker.  His POA ran off with his life savings, so he has been left with no savings and is low-income. Bill has no family or friends; his building manager checks in on him occasionally.  We have been able to help with the following:

  • Daily phone reassurance – referral to Silver Threads (he did not want an RTH “chat” with a volunteer, just someone to make sure he gets up in the morning);
  • More than Meals program, free meals delivered weekly from Silver Threads.
  • Pick up and drop off of Red Cross equipment.
  • Ride to medical appointments.
  • Bill was one of our recipients of a Christmas gift basket.
  • Phone calls to Program Coordinator when he has been feeling low.
  • Volunteer Susan dropped off birthday card and dictionary on his Birthday.

Unfortunately, Bill’s health has declined, he has cancer and is palliative. 

Bill has been the most appreciative client; he is so grateful for any assistance he receives.  He always follows up with a phone call expressing how much it means to him.  When he received his Christmas basket, he said “I cannot believe the kindness I have been shown; to receive a gift from a complete stranger at this time of year makes life worth living”. 

Return to Health and Silver Threads have given Bill a HUGE lift in his life.  This has been one of the most rewarding clients we have had the pleasure to work with. 

Here is a lovely story about Return to Health making a difference again. Regarding a vulnerable client named G who was a Return to Health client before M started. He had been homeless for years, very little education. He was housed when our volunteer F had him as a client. File closed many months ago. G called F a few days ago and was very confused and not making sense. F called 911 on this client’s behalf. G taken to Emergency department diagnosed with a stroke and is now hospitalized. Our volunteer, F was able to intervene and potentially saved a life.

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