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Seniors Serving Seniors would like to thank the Victoria Royals Hockey Team for choosing SSS for their 60s themed game, using the pre-game, intermissions, and stoppages in play to highlight movies, television shows, music, commercials, major news events, etc. of the era. The goal of the theme night was to have fun while throwing it back to the time black-and-white television began giving way to color tv. They added a charitable component to the game to raise funds and awareness for our organization.

Seniors Serving Seniors would like to thank Investors Group of Chatterton Way for their generous donation of gift bags full of activities for our Return to Health Clients and jars of hot chocolate and goodies. 

Client Feedback

Seniors' Serving Seniors In The Media

Board Member Gwen Gaddes talking about a special client case

Board Member Gwen Gaddes talking on CBC Radio (Jan 11, 2021)

Volunteer Feedback

Seniors Serving Seniors Return to Health program volunteer Alexandra

RTH Client Story – October 2021

Client:  71-year-old female, “M”

Medical Issue:  Major depressive disorder– in hospital 2-3 weeks

Discharged:  Home to live w/son and daughter-in-law who both work full time

Client “M” has led a meaningful life; she worked as a care-aid for years.  She was very social up until Covid shut her in.  Referral asked for a volunteer to talk to her a few times a week.  Volunteer “I” and RTH Community Coordinator visited client “M” in her home.  Client would love to go out and have tea and shop, a chance to get out of the house.

“M” also mentioned that she used to volunteer and would like to get back into volunteering.   “I” mentioned she also volunteers at Soap for Hope and would take her there for an outing.

“M” went back to hospital for a few weeks; we are not sure why, if it was for an adjustment to meds or depression again.  When discharged, client called her volunteer directly.  “I” came and took “M” to Soap for Hope.  “M” loved her time there and started volunteering with “I”.   After a few weeks, client “M” started volunteering on her own and driving herself a there a few times a week.

Client is very happy to be volunteering and has Returned to Health!

RTH Client Story – September 2021

Return to Health has been accepting a new type of referral from the hospital; The Home IV program.  This program allows patients to go home instead of being in hospital on IV meds. 

How a typical referral work:

  • Client needs to be taken to hospital for blood work (BW) once a week, at a specific time frame, e.g., noon-3 pm.
  • Same time as BW, volunteer picks up IV meds at hospital pharmacy.
  • If client does not require BW to be done, volunteer will pick up client’s medical card, proceed to hospital, p/u meds, drop off meds and care card to client at home.
  • Time frame: 3-12 weeks of IV meds for most clients 

Client- 66-year-old man

G.E. in hospital for pulmonary MAC infection; will require 12 weeks of antibiotics.  This man is very ill; he has lost a substantial amount of weight as he cannot afford to buy food.

  • RTH set up More than Meals from Silver Threads, they are free of charge.


  • Home IV program does not book BW appointments for their clients
  • Appointments must be made on-line to avoid a wait-time
  • Client does not have computer
  • First appointment wait time too long, client had to go home, he was too ill to wait
  • RTH Volunteer set up client with email address and set up BW appointments for him on his own computer


  • IV meds making client very ill; he cannot keep food down.
  • Changes made to meds
  • RTH Volunteer makes several trips to facilitate changes to meds
  • RTH Volunteer Keeps in touch with client a few times a week to make sure he is OK
  • Meds changed to p/u once a month; volunteer will stay with client if another volunteer agency does not take this on.

Client Bill (name changed) spent two months in hospital with a heart block, weakness and received a new pacemaker.  His POA ran off with his life savings, so he has been left with no savings and is low-income. Bill has no family or friends; his building manager checks in on him occasionally.  We have been able to help with the following:

  • Daily phone reassurance – referral to Silver Threads (he did not want an RTH “chat” with a volunteer, just someone to make sure he gets up in the morning);
  • More than Meals program, free meals delivered weekly from Silver Threads.
  • Pick up and drop off of Red Cross equipment.
  • Ride to medical appointments.
  • Bill was one of our recipients of a Christmas gift basket.
  • Phone calls to Program Coordinator when he has been feeling low.
  • Volunteer Susan dropped off birthday card and dictionary on his Birthday.

Unfortunately, Bill’s health has declined, he has cancer and is palliative. 

Bill has been the most appreciative client; he is so grateful for any assistance he receives.  He always follows up with a phone call expressing how much it means to him.  When he received his Christmas basket, he said “I cannot believe the kindness I have been shown; to receive a gift from a complete stranger at this time of year makes life worth living”. 

Return to Health and Silver Threads have given Bill a HUGE lift in his life.  This has been one of the most rewarding clients we have had the pleasure to work with. 

Here is a lovely story about Return to Health making a difference again. Regarding a vulnerable client named G who was a Return to Health client before M started. He had been homeless for years, very little education. He was housed when our volunteer F had him as a client. File closed many months ago. G called F a few days ago and was very confused and not making sense. F called 911 on this client’s behalf. G taken to Emergency department diagnosed with a stroke and is now hospitalized. Our volunteer, F was able to intervene and potentially saved a life.

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