Seniors In Stitches

The Seniors in Stitches group originated in 1996 when a few of the elder volunteers suggested they would like to continue their contribution to Seniors Serving Seniors through knitting. Their good spirits, as the name “Seniors in Stitches” suggests, has attracted other knitters to join the fun.

The volunteer knitters meet once a month to share patterns, sort through yarn and bring in items newly made. Sweaters, mittens, hats and blankets are catalogued and stored until Christmas, when the group presents the gift to the children at the Cridge Centre for the Family.

Donations from the Beehive Wool Shop are received on an ongoing basis in support of this program.

Our Board Member Barbara is leading the knitting and stitching program

Would You Like To Knit With Us?

You can volunteer with us in the comfort of your own home by becoming a Seniors in Stitches knitter.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please call 250-413-3211 or fill in our volunteering application.

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