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Seniors Link Telephone Line was the first program established by the society in 1981 and remains relevant today. 

Seniors Serving Seniors is the ‘go-to’ organization for information services for seniors in the Greater Capital Region.

Specially trained volunteer Referral Agents with expertise in seniors’ issues and knowledge of local services provide a referral to all of the non-medical emergency resources available in the region and support for everyday problems.

Seniors Link is a one-stop, comprehensive information and referral service for older persons in the Greater Victoria Area. Our Seniors Link Phone Line is open Monday to Thursday 9 am – 4 pm, Charlotte, Gwen or Vicki will return your calls promptly! Please feel free to phone us on 250-413-3211 or send an Email to . If you call outside of our regular office hours you can leave us a voice message for a call back.

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